Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stadium Facts: Measure Jed does NOT Guarantee a Second Team

Dear Santa Clarans,

Stadium Boosters, even on our City Council, do sometimes manage to stretch the truth to the breaking point.  A prime example is the issue of any second team at a subsidized NFL stadium in Santa Clara, as this quote by Councilwoman Lisa Gillmor in today's paper shows:

" Santa Clara City Councilwoman Lisa Gillmor, however, was much more eager about having Oakland's Black Hole partner up in the South Bay.

" ' I would like to think that this improves the odds of the Raiders making a change to Santa Clara," Gillmor said. "Our citizens voted to have a second team...' "

Well, not exactly.  Here's what the Term Sheet appended to Measure Jed actually stated in black and white:

"49ers Stadium Company [and NO Santa Clara Agency] will have the right to enter into a sublease with a second NFL team (“Second Team”), on terms and conditions consistent with and subject to the Stadium Lease..."   (Section 16.1)

...and also:

"Although the terms of any sublease to a Second Team are not subject to approval of the Stadium Authority,..."   (Section 16.3)

Now, any Stadium Booster is welcome to misrepresent who holds the power of the second team lease.  However, any Santa Claran can read the Term Sheet itself, and know the truth.

The real truth is that we did not vote for a second team.  Instead, we gave Jed York the exclusive right to decide for us.

Thanks for all of your support,
Bill Bailey, Treasurer,
Santa Clara Plays Fair.org


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